Data Integrations

Workday Integrations

We live in heterogenous environments where there is no single system that can serve all the purposes. Integrations are vital for any Enterprise to exchange data between their applications either on premise or cloud platforms. Workday provides rich integration tools to overcome this situation. Our consultants are experts in integrations and can integration anything and everything. With our immense knowledge on other ETL tools, we differentiate ourselves with others. We provide integration solutions end to end and just not Workday. Our Workday experience started with Integrations and are well versed all the tools Workday offers

We have expertise in all Workday Solutions, HR and Finance and all the functional areas in each of these solutions. We work with third party vendors to integrate with their systems. We secure the data transmission by various protocols. 

Third Party Payroll Experience

Our consultants are the pioneers to use the Workday Third Party Payroll Connectors to implement the tool across the countries. We have experience in implementing PICOF and PECI tools over 160 countries. We also were the co-speakers in Workday Rising to talk about these tools. We worked with Workday Product team to provide business cases and fix issues in the tools.

Payroll Integrations Experience